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Working Together Building a Better Future for Ballincollig

Empowering Ballincollig's Business Community


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Driving growth and collaboration in Ballincollig, we're at the heart of fostering a thriving business environment.

With a focus on networking, support, and community enrichment, BBA champions local enterprises through events, awards, and collective initiatives aimed at enhancing Ballincollig’s economic landscape.

    • Biannual Networking at Noon events.
    • Inspirational talks from industry leaders.
    • Support for small businesses via Cork LEO.
    • Recognition through Ballincollig Business Awards.
    • Strengthening community ties.
    • Advocating for sustainable business practices.

Award Winners

Highlighting outstanding local businesses, BBA’s Business of the Year award showcases the pinnacle of excellence and dedication within our community, spotlighting leaders like the Oriel House Hotel for their exceptional contributions.

Our awards celebrate those who go above and beyond, embodying commitment and innovation to uplift Ballincollig’s economic and social fabric.

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Join Us in The Ballincollig Business Association

Become a part of Ballincollig’s vibrant business community. BBA offers myriad opportunities for networking, growth, and recognition, enhancing your business’s visibility and impact within the local and broader Cork area.

Through events, advocacy, and awards, we facilitate connections and support the journey of our members towards achieving their aspirations, fostering a prosperous environment for all in Ballincollig.