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On 20 March 2024, Kathy O’Dwyer, Director & Founder of Career Training Internships, was awarded the AIBF Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Accreditation 2024. The accreditation has been issued in recognition of Kathy O’Dwyer, who has been honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Accreditation in recognition of her “lifelong commitment to empowering young individuals and shaping their career paths.”

Kathy has played a pivotal role in revolutionising internship & career training programmes in Ireland for international participants, working tirelessly to bridge the gap between education and industry. Her innovative approach has transformed traditional internship models into best-in-class programmes that attract groups of participants from all over the EU and offer invaluable real-world experiences to trainees and employers. By fostering meaningful connections between aspiring talent and forward-thinking organisations, Kathy has paved the way for countless young individuals to thrive in their chosen fields.

Kathy has strong ties to the local business community in Cork and across Ireland and has built a strong network of engaged host companies who partner with CTI to host trainees. She actively engages in events and networking activities and holds a position on the National Council of ISME (Irish SME Association). Both Kathy and CTI have been nominated for several prestigious awards, including The Club Network Female Founder Awards 2023: Business Owner of the Year, The Cork Business Services Company of the Year 2021: Training & Education by Business Cork and the Cork Business Association’s Cork Business of the Year: Best in Professional Business Services. Kathy has also been recently nominated as Business Person of the Year 2021.   

Originating from Kells, Co. Meath, Kathy embarked on her first professional journey in London, where she worked as a career and employment officer. Upon completing formal training and accreditation in Career Guidance in London, Kathy returned to Ireland and honed her skills in mentoring numerous women around returning to the workplace. Recognising the high demand for childcare services among the women she worked with, Kathy shifted to entrepreneurship and founded an AuPair agency before ultimately launching Career Training Internships in 2010.

CTI prioritises individuals’ personal & career & training goals. The company provides a secure and immersive environment for international participants to gain valuable work experience and develop workplace-appropriate English skills. Trainee feedback has been consistently positive and enthusiastic, while local businesses have expressed how important trainees have been to their success.

The All-Ireland Business Foundation is an autonomous national accreditation body tasked with enterprise development and the promotion of Best-in-Class in Irish business. The accreditation is a fantastic acknowledgement of the hard work, dedication and contribution Kathy has given to business and entrepreneurship in Ireland.

If you are a local host company, a local host family or an international organisation that is interested in partnering with CTI please reach out to our team at 

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